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25090187 word cloud online marketingWhen you think about Instagram, you think about images and videos. And most people tend to think the only way they can have an Instagram account for their business is if they have a fashion or a restaurant business, for example. Well, it’s not true. Even if you don’t run a business on these industries, you can still have an Instagram account that brings you new customers and sales.

With more than 300 million users per month – more than Twitter -, you just need to be creative and find ways to interact with other people on Instagram and get new customers.

So, how can you use your Instagram business account to drive sales and promote your brand?

Make sure you have an optimized Instagram business account

Instagram is a very particular network that only allows you to have one single link. This is on your bio and you need to make sure you point it to your website. You can choose to link directly to your online shop or to a specific landing page you created just for Instagram.

Before someone follows you on Instagram, they will have to look at your bio. You can turn to this to make a great description about your business and let them know, in advance, all the great things you offer. You’re starting a good relationship directly from your bio. If people see you’re offering great content, for example, they’ll more likely click on your link or, at least, they will follow you.

Show off your products and services

Just share the images of your most popular products or post the images of new products you just got. An image is worth more than 1,000 words. But with that being said, make sure you don’t try to make a harsh sell. People on Instagram usually don’t like to “be sold to”. So, try to reach a balance here.

Go behind the scenes

Even better than just taking a single picture of one of your products, try to take a picture with someone wearing it. This will show people how they’ll be happy by getting your product and how they can use it. And if you use some kind of specific background or scene of your office, people will immediately identify it with your brand.

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Show how your employees are happy to work with you

When you involve your employees on your photos, you’re giving a personal touch. You’re not just on Instagram to sell to people; you’re on Instagram because you are a person too, who loves to relate with others.

Make sure to offer exclusive announcements and offers to followers

By creating special features just for your Instagram followers, you’re telling them that you appreciate their loyalty towards you. A discount almost always works great. You can even ask them to share the discount code with their friends. If you’re offering something to people, they will mostly want to show their appreciation for your gesture and will gladly share it.

Promote events on Instagram

Instagram has a built-in feature that allows you to show people on the map where you are located. This can be a great way to make your clients loyal to your brand. You can host a special event and ask people to join you. It will give the chance to your followers to meet you and your business directly.

Respond to comments on your photos

Some people love to comment on other’s photos. Make sure you reply to each one of those comments. People will notice you care, that you’re more than a business trying to make a sale; you’re a person who is interacting with them.

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