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Other more dangerous groups like cults and dictatorships use auditory and visual stimulation to create obedience in their followers.

All of this is an effort to induce a hypnotic state!

It’s also a reason why in the past, armies would use drummers, flagbearers, and little boys playing the pipe to keep soldiers fighting on the battlefield.

But, we can induce these very same tactics in our battles with ourselves to create self-discipline.  Usually, we have low attention spans and we do the exact opposite – there’s no repetition in our messages to ourselves.  There’s no rhythm.  There’s no positive reinforcement.  But, when we put forth the concerted effort to change those tactics, we get better results.

Consider using self hypnosis to induce the state of deep relaxation that you might get while waking up early in the morning or going to bed at night.  This is called the “alpha state” and it’s named after the alpha waves that are emitted by our brains in this relaxed state.

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