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FocusHere’s a weird little trick that you can try tomorrow – and it might teach you a thing or two about the power that suggestion has in our day to day lives.

As you go to sleep tonight, set your alarm clock to play the catchiest and most memorable song you can think of. Chances are, when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll have that same piece of music playing in your head in and out throughout the day.

How and why does that happen?  As human beings, we’re most susceptible to familiar sounds sites and images while mentally relaxed. It’s a little like hypnosis.

That means we’re most easily influenced early in the morning and late at night. However, any outside stimuli that’s drilled into us over and over again can be slowly absorbed into our subconscious.

That’s the reason why so much money is spent on advertising every year.  It’s the reason why radio stations play the same songs over and over again.  It’s the reason why motivational speakers, politicians, and clergymen emphasize points by sending them again and again.

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