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FocusHere’s a weird little trick that you can try tomorrow – and it might teach you a thing or two about the power that suggestion has in our day to day lives.

As you go to sleep tonight, set your alarm clock to play the catchiest and most memorable song you can think of. Chances are, when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll have that same piece of music playing in your head in and out throughout the day.

How and why does that happen?  As human beings, we’re most susceptible to familiar sounds sites and images while mentally relaxed. It’s a little like hypnosis.

That means we’re most easily influenced early in the morning and late at night. However, any outside stimuli that’s drilled into us over and over again can be slowly absorbed into our subconscious.

That’s the reason why so much money is spent on advertising every year.  It’s the reason why radio stations play the same songs over and over again.  It’s the reason why motivational speakers, politicians, and clergymen emphasize points by sending them again and again.

Other more dangerous groups like cults and dictatorships use auditory and visual stimulation to create obedience in their followers.

All of this is an effort to induce a hypnotic state!

It’s also a reason why in the past, armies would use drummers, flagbearers, and little boys playing the pipe to keep soldiers fighting on the battlefield.

But, we can induce these very same tactics in our battles with ourselves to create self-discipline.  Usually, we have low attention spans and we do the exact opposite – there’s no repetition in our messages to ourselves.  There’s no rhythm.  There’s no positive reinforcement.  But, when we put forth the concerted effort to change those tactics, we get better results.

Consider using self hypnosis to induce the state of deep relaxation that you might get while waking up early in the morning or going to bed at night.  This is called the “alpha state” and it’s named after the alpha waves that are emitted by our brains in this relaxed state.

When you’re in this state, you can get around your usual internal obstacles and the clatter of the day.  And good ideas, the right ones will get stuck in your brain without a filter.

Major Hypnosis Mistakes

The biggest mistake you can make while trying hypnosis is giving up early on if your first few attempts don’t work well.  Everyone’s brain works differently, and everyone reacts differently to hypnosis.  There’s some people who are highly suggestable and go under very easily, and other people take a few attempts to get the hang of it.  Regardless, everyone can be hypnotized with enough time and effort.

The second biggest hurdle that people often run into is falling asleep while trying to be hypnotized.  This is especially troublesome when performing self-hypnosis.  There are few things you can try in this situation.

First, try keeping your eyes open as you go into the hypnotic state.  It’s not a vital that your eyes are closed, and you don’t want to give your body a “sleep signal” if you fall asleep easily.

Second, try being hypnotized while sitting or standing up. This seems a little counterintuitive, but the entire idea is to send yourself physical signals that this isn’t the time to fall asleep.

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