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Chances are, you already know what needs to be done.  You know you need to stop procrastinating.  You know you need to watch less TV. You know that you need to set smart goals and intelligent deadlines.  And hopefully, you know you need to track your work, track your results, and put more of your effort into the aspects of your business to give you the strongest results.

But there’s a very big gap between knowledge into action.  Think of all the money that’s spent on knowledge: whether it’s a large companies trying to improve their efficiency, or housewives and stay at home dads trying to get into better shape. They know the adjustments they need to make, but they always fail to set habits and follow though.

worried womanLet’s look together at some of the gaps that keep you from turning knowledge into profitable and useful habits.

The Fear Of Change

Failure can be comfortable.  It represents a continuation of a routine that, at least on some level, has brought us a lot of pleasure. Now where this breaks down is that pleasure and happiness are two very different things.  Pleasure can be bought with a cookie, it can be found in the bottom of a bottle, you can get a short rush of it with a few minutes on Facebook.

Happiness is harder, and the road towards it is longer, winding, and littered with distractions. The constant pursuit of pleasure, ironically enough, keeps more more people away from becoming happy.

You Won’t Learn By Doing

There are too many people who tried to do by learning instead of learning by doing.  Talking about problems to death rarely solves them. People talk too much already.  It’s natural to want to go into a scary situation with knowledge at your back. But once you’ve learned the basics of a skill, start acting on it.  Then look for new information once you’ve run into a serious roadblock, or have a smaller aspect of the skill that demands your attention.

You Rely On Motivation Instead Of Habit

It’s okay to “feel unmotivated” sometimes, to hit a roadblock and need something positive to dig you out. But you’re always needing to be motivated for any kind of positive action in your life, it’s a sign that you haven’t really put the energy you should into setting habits.

Habits aren’t subjects that need motivation.  Habits are things that we just do, whether it’s a good time or a bad time.  If you can devote one month to establishing a positive habit, chances are much better that you do it for a long time to come.